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Step 7 - Configuring the Layers

In order to organize the drawing better and allow editing of shapes that overlay other shapes without risking selecting objects within the background, we will use the layers feature of TouchDraw. Imagine a stack of paper where each layer is like a sheet of paper in that stack. One of those sheets of paper can be drawn without impacting what’s on the other sheets of paper; however, where layers differ is that layers are like transparent pieces of paper. One sheet can be drawn while seeing what is on the sheets above and below it without impacting them (if other layers are locked).

Right now, only one layer resides within the drawing (which has the default name “Layer 1”); however, when the tutorial is completed, the drawing will have a total of 10 layers:

  1. Exterior Walls
  2. Interior Walls
  3. Door Cutouts
  4. Doors
  5. Stairs
  6. Bathroom Fixtures
  7. Fireplace
  8. Kitchen
  9. Dimensions
  10. Room Names

Open the sidebar (if not already visible) and use the Layers Panel at the bottom of the sidebar to begin setting up the layers for the floor plan drawing.

The Layers Panelcurrently lists Layer 1 as the only layer in the drawing.

Two icons (buttons) reside to the right of the layer name. The first button is both an indicator and toggle for whether or not that specific layer is locked. The second button is both an indicator and toggle for whether or not that layer is visible. When a layer is locked (and visible) the contents of that layer can be seen; however, it will not be able to be selected or edited. This is a useful option for drawing over something in the background without worrying about accidentally selecting or modifying it.

First, rename Layer 1 to Exterior Wallsby double clicking on the name of the layer in the Layers Panel and then typing the new name. Click anywhere within the drawing canvas to complete the rename.

Next, press on the Lock Icon (Button) to lock this layer since no additional changes will need to be made to the Exterior Walls.

Creating a layer for the interior walls is the next step of this process. To accomplish this addition, click on the Layers Settings Menu in the Layers Panel and select the Add Layer option.

After selecting the Add Layer option, TouchDraw will add and select a new layer called Layer 2.

Repeat the steps above for renaming Layer 1 to Exterior Walls_to rename _Layer 2 to Interior Walls.

Note: Make certain the Interior Walls layer is selected (highlighted in blue) when completing this step. When the shapes are created in the next step, they will be added to the currently selected layer, which should be the Interior Walls layer.

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