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Step 24 - Adding the Dimension Lines

The next step in creating the floor plan drawing is to add some dimensions lines. TouchDraw makes it easy to create dimension lines in a drawing.

First, use the Line Tool Old to draw the line that will make up the dimension line. Start by drawing the dimension line for the vertical size of the dining room.

Next, click on the Stroke Tab in the Info Panel of the Sidebar Old to alter the start and end line styles to an arrow with a horizontal line by clicking on the drop down selection menu, as shown below.

Double Click on the line to open the Text Editor and enter {Length} as the text for the line figure. Click anywhere outside of the text editor to close it.

The line ia now a dimension line with an auto-filled length and arrowheads on each end.

Use the same process as above to create the additional dimension lines for the drawing. A few shortcuts are available for speeding up the creation of dimension lines. The following video has been created to demonstrate the steps outlined above as well as to show a quick method for drawing the rest of the dimension lines with a minimal amount of effort.

The Floor Plan should appear as below once all dimension lines have been completed.

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